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From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_LVZhe9Io-gyfi7Oxe5x_S8TgfVhitqvKk7xb-GmZowWKIl64__eJF3szkId5pxRxaDg0>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 07:41:39 -0000

> She is referred to as Leika Ballista in KOS, for a start. And
> its not just an oddity of her stats, its a well known nickname for
> her.

OK, Greg has spent years trying to reconcile the old house game from the 70s with what he now knows about Glorantha. I've seen Betty Ballista's character sheet (Btw, her name was Betty not Leika). She used an arbolest, wore plate mail and so on. The character in KoS has relatively little to do with the Betty Ballista character.

> (not saying that learning new facts and writing them in isn't
> good - there are plenty of characters that don't have 25 years of
> established history to mess with instead)

Honestly, there really isn't that much established history for Queen Leika. Or for King Kangarl for that matter. There's bits and pieces from Dragons Past, but a lot of that got trumped by KoS. And later pieces.

> Where is she even mentioned in a published source?

Beneva Chan is in Wyrms Footprints.

> (and just in case you haven't got this point yet - fewer
> people would be objecting to the treatment of Vinga if it wasn't for
> the big retcon that made her the only path for female storm powers
> and Orlanth cult membership - you don't get to have it both ways, and
> airily dismiss Vinga as historically unimportant while aggressively
> cheering the very changes that made her so important now)

She isn't that important a goddess. Few Heortling women want to leave Ernalda to get Orlanth storm powers. Few Heortling men want to leave Orlanth to get Ernalda earth or harmony powers. Cults exist that allow just that, but they aren't very important. They are just accepted exceptions to the basic rule.


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