Vedr. Re: In Defence Of A Goddess - A

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_2Bce6Bact8Yd-Ov1ydHRmSclLynKLUHXBH6JZC3P58unaAEKzOzn0WKXJ_ZJQg6EGN7f>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 18:12:11 -0000

> > Apart from the fact that Greg 'n' Jeff aren't flatly
> > stating that every Vingan is a lesbian,
> Jeff isn't anymore, but thats how it started on WOG

Rob, I really didn't say that. Here's the quote on the WoG that set you off:

"Vinga probably doesn't do anything of the sort [provide her cultists with birth control]. Some other goddess might. Vinga is the goddess of women who "do as men do" in war. She's not the goddess of birth control (that's probably Earth Witch, or Maran, or something like that). If a Vingan wants to have sex, she can always have sex with a regular woman. I suspect for most Heortlings, Vinga has virginal associations (like Athena, Artemis and other such goddesses) or lesbian associations."

Note I didn't say every Vingan is a lesbian. I did say it is probably socially easier for a Vingan cultist if she doesn't want sex or is willing to have sex with women. Then again, the same was likely true of the Vestal Virgins. I did say that for most Heortlings, Vinga has virginal associations or lesbian assocations. Which would hardly make her stand out in the ancient world.

That's it. Heck, I even left open the possibility that a Vingan who prefers sex with men can get a Feat from the Marani or a charm from the Earth Witch to avoid any consequences.

Sorry if that was such an outrageous statement.

> I am of course referring to Leika Ballista, the Orlanth
> chieftan of the Colymar pre/ post Blackmoor the Rabid.
> Which in fact was the point I was trying to make.

Consider her retconned. The fact is that a lot of stuff from the old Dragons Past game just doesn't fit in with Greg's Sartar. Heck some of it didn't at the time. Even nearly thirty years ago, Greg changed Betty's name to Leika.


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