AW: Magical contraception

From: Goihl & Fahey <goihlk_at_dn6U_-nWBtpodiqbz8ZV63zTsgAPhbbdcJPQx_U8p5EqWDYzmbe8E1Fs1xZXMNsOb1SPr>
Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 17:27:34 +0200

In Glorantha magic is used for everything. In pre-industrial Earth cultures magic was also used for everything, but many people today think it was only ritual with no effect. In Glorantha the use of magic is assumed to produce about the same effect as the rituals used on Earth. So, the farmer sows the crops at a certain time, saying a prayer and doing some ritual stuff . Women sing songs together while working, whether with fabric or foodstuffs. All this is supposed to be similar in both the RW and in Glorantha. The results of the magic done in Glorantha come out to about the same as the results in the RW. So lots of hard work in the field and propitiating your god(s) gets you enuf food for the winter, in both worlds. Gloranthans don't get more from using magic than RW people. And the fighting spells are like psyching yourself up for a fight. Talking big or dissing your opponent is a demoralize spell, and so on. Birth control in pre-industrial Earth is similar in effect to that in Glorantha. There'll be some herbs and stuff, and a song and ritual at a certain time. There are assurances of effectiveness from the persons teaching these things, but the effects are not guaranteed in either world.


Just my chip in here, but surely, in a world as infused & generally stuffed full of magic, at all levels, as Glorantha, such basics as reliable birth control are easy (& if not, why the hell not?). This in itself will make sexual relations very different from any RW historical analogue...


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