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Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2007 09:51:36 -0000

Hi all

Jeff has asked me off list to desist from asking others on the HQ list to come over here an join in the poll on Leika.

I had intended to reply to him, but I decided to put it here instead, the home of free speech in the Gloranthan community,

Hi Jeff

(Warning: Rant imminent)

I really take exception to this kind of censorship. Jeff R postulates some new ideas which I and others believe crass, completely dismisses the views of everyone who raises an objection, and constantly sanctifies his new ideas with his relationship to Greg, which he wields as if its a 2d8 maul!!

Therefore, the unusually polite poll on Immod HQ is to show that people have read Jeff R's creative assertions and just reject them, and possibly his seeming modus operandi of retconning anything out of existence anything that he chooses no longer fits with his view of Glorantha with contempt for other viewpoints or contributions on the subject is not right for our community. Whatever happened to shared creation?

No don't get me wrong, personally I am quite sure that Jeff is a splendid fellow, and I met him at Continuum, and I hope that we can share a drink and a vigourous debate at a convention in the future.

Oh yeah sure, I know I am probably wasting my time. The last year I 'lost' Glorantha was 1984 when I opened the Deluxe Runequest 3 box and read about some guy called Cormac and had a beautifull coloured map not of Glorantha but freakin Fantasy Europe!!! In those days you just found a new hobby, there was little one could do to protest at someone tearing down something you loved. Which in part is what I view is hapening to the entire Heortling culture, my personal favourite in the realm of Glorantha.

So no, I feel my post was entirely on topic and as you would certainly not sanction such a poll on the Heroquest-HQ list we did one on the Immod list. It is entirely appropriate in my view to invite people from other lists to join in. Maybe Jeff is right all along and I am singular in my despair at these new ideas. So, feel free to ban me from the HQ lists if it will make you feel any better, but you will be striking a blow against legitemate debate and democracy in general. Fill yer boots son!!



From: "Jeff" <jakyer_at_SkpZ7zKzTYXldp0twFA7Zx77uyW-SexFY_uEIfDkN8ts7eO5NuYfdme595BSMj1HkR4lvdwV2s17B040EkBc.yahoo.invalid> To: "Rob" <robert_m_davis_at_Kwh2fCeiG40pdjFX6suQ8m54asBmHD4xB6O7zNpYSxL0RdsdOasV71ke2gDL93QZrUaGtqbvz0PCgoqxitMpvQ.yahoo.invalid> Subject: Re: Leika Poll on Immod HQ
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2007 01:50:19 -0000
>I'd rather you didn't cross post.

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