Vedr. Re: King = Initiate

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_MdXIBUY-wa8_0HTmPvzlZFMQy37YofwCnBhxaoTqZvlcrzLOJliYpcquFTngOyWlNkQZ>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 11:47:39 -0000

> Well, maybe it does, but how do you use HeroQuest magic with a rpg
like pendragon rulewise?

Greg and I are toying around with a divine magic system based off your virtues. If you worship the storm pantheon, your ability to call upon a given god's magic is based on your "divine harmony" with that god. For example, Korlmhy has an average of 19 with his Orlanth Thunderous religious virtues. He's got a good chance of calling upon a minor spell from Orlanth (say Cloud Call with a resistence of 16), a slightly better than even chance of calling upon a medium spell from Orlanth (say Flight with a resistence of 18) and a worse than even chance of calling down a Thunderbolt (with a resistence of 20). He's got only a 14 in Humakt's virtues and has little chance of calling upon Humakt's Death Magic (with a resistence of 20).

We are still tweaking the system, but figure it is super flexible and models Greg's writings pretty well.


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