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From: julianlord <julian.lord_at_le68vOenDbCeQwtBPD0NnCwN_BG-xs9enCkPegA7QXZKpfhs8WiU3o0O6z-Okf3C>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 08:12:24 -0000

Simon Phipp :

> Did anyone else enjoy the bust-up on the DBRP Playtest Group?

If I'd heard about it, I would have signed up, and joined in !!

> It's amazing the level of hatred people have for Mongoose and
> Glorantha. There were people saying that Mongoose are the lowest of
> the low because they didn't credit everyone who had every worked on
> every previous version of RQ, rather than the people involved in
> writing the new version. Other people said that Mongoose should be
> shot for selling out the pure RQ and that Chaosium were saints for
> supporting RQ over the years and for keeping the pure form. They
> forgot, of course, that Chaosium hasn't been involved in publishing
> RQ for over 20 years.
> Hopefully, when DBRP/D100 comes out (curently November but more
> likely to be "Next Year") we'll have RQ Wars between those who
> support D100 and those who support RQM. Of course, I sit on the
> fence and would like both to work, but that's because I'm not a
> jerk. Well, I am, but you see my point.
> I haven't seen a spat like it since Vinga turned out to be a man
> disguised as a lesbian.

Yeah, the whole thing is totally pathetic.

MRQ, objectively speaking instead of anal-retentively, is a pretty good version of RQ. It's very amenable to house rule tinkering, unlike ANY other edition of the game ; the material is presented in hardback, sturdy format ; it's the most commercially viable presentation of the game ever ; it's attractive to a NEW GENERATION of gamers, not just to the elitist grognard contributors to the IGQ, WoG and rq-rules lists ; etc etc

DBRP/D100 sounds to me like it's going to be a bloated, evil monster version ; CoC, Storbringer, and RQ III rolled into one, fed intravenously with the liquified brains of grovelling hordes of slavering fan-boy pretzel-munching basement dwelling monkey men.

I'm far happier at the news that Mongoose are releasing a single book containing all the rules bits that 1st edition MRQ spread out in 'ittie bits over several volumes... emphasis "are releasing" as in, you know, they have a professional publication schedule and everything, which is the first time we have seen this in the ENTIRE history of RuneQuest ...

But what the hell is this "pure RuneQuest" that these dribbling morons gibber and screech about anyway ?

Is this the version that takes RQ III, dumps the fatigue and sorcery rules, uses Sandy's Sorcery, adds some RQ4 tidbits for taste, takes some inspiration from HW/HQ, blends the ungodly mix together with a sprinkling of house rules and various internet downloads, and is used to run campaigns based on reprints of 25-year old RQ2 material ???



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