Re: Terror in war

From: Rob <robert_m_davis_at_CM2i4pqDjNhF8PvmRRCcEjs1LoXzy6Wc7wVdH78xeXS2kkLKkSoGt7YO8M4gR>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 09:13:55 -0000

Wrong. The actions of the IRA were not carried out in the name of Catholosism.

> >I live and work in London, which was bombed last year.
> And Catholic extremists were bombing Londoners recently, as
> Mark points out.

Recently - What and When?  

> >So please don't try and smear me as a biggot or racist.
> Why not?

Because humorous slandering aside, its not cricket. I'm not and its a common tactic to shut down debate.

> FWIW, I think modern Islam is, in large part, deeply fucked
> up. An excellent book on just how fucked up, written by a
> Muslim who is both an expert scholar by traditional Islamic and
> Western academic standards, is Desperately Seeking Paradise, by
> Ziauddin Sardar. But it also gives you some idea of why most of the
> problems of modern Islam are not intrinsic to the religion, or
> representative of most Muslims.

Its the interperatation of the religion. The Sufi Muslims seem to be a decent lot. The head of the Sufi council of Britain said that he felt he had to speak up for his faith because his daughter came home from school and said she didn't want to be a muslim. But it is incorrect to maintain that muslims that share the opinions of hardline muslims are a tiny minority of lunatics on the fringe.

Richard Dawkins I believe lays into the organised religions and asserts that all devout people are dangerous because they are prone to acts because 'God tells me to do it.' Now if thats altruistic persuits like working in a charity shop or homeless shelter great. If thats to murder Jews or explode bombs on commuter trains it aint so great. And for Marks benefit, that not all, but a significant number, and a disturbing number who believe its justified behaviour.


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