Re: Glorantha Online & Glorantha Offline

From: Stewart Stansfield <stu_stansfield_at__qkELzc8VVxM9yw1iBPfEa_90NnvVOEaDtU0UcvvXmM8oXsO76KX3GbL2mXy6>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 06:31:32 -0000

> People on lists shouldn't have any impact on whether YOU play the
> game/play in the world/make duck pr0n in the world/etc...

Whilst I agree in principle, John, it can feel difficult to maintain in practice. Particularly if such ideas and notions in part underly the development of something that I am interested in.

This references what is perhaps the root cause of much of the friction over the past two decades: the sense of enfranchisement, rightly or wrongly, real or imagined, of a large portion of the community in Glorantha's development.

> Here, this'll cheer you up: a player "hero" made the mistake of
> threatening the band's durulz informant and he contrived to drown them
> in the Stream confluence while quackling "Threaten me will you, you
> naked fuckin' ape!".

Duck Heston! Maybe, in a few years' time, people will reach the same state of enlightenment about Man-Duck relations as they attained when Chuck snogged Kim Hunter.



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