From: John Machin <orichalka_at_Nycj3LLJxXIzeIY-eYwUTN-fARgU8wu41oI0Se7Z89L8DJIR7-0hOH5ek5vjWsXLES>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 08:16:23 +1100

2009/3/18 julianlord <>:
> Nice :-)
> If this joke weren't so context-dependent, I'd even contemplate adding it to the IGQ group description text :D

AS (Australian Standard) drafts are in the working now, then we will talk about ISO endorsement.
I'll include you in any consultation process that arises from that Julian.

Lets activate some business synergies to move units people!

John Machin
"Nothing is more beautiful than to know the All."
- Athanasius Kircher, 'The Great Art of Knowledge'.


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