Re: I have decided to resign dramatically and publically

From: Paolo Guccione <p.guccione_at_u66oKNNn27hgNNjY7cickXGGfgWoss7LeaqEZhM65jsrfGplqSPKoU6acT60ETSK->
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 11:01:39 -0000

> "Your President"? He won't like that, unless Ulster has become the 51st State.

And who told you I wanted him to like it? This is the Immod list.

> Maybe we could see the Western material come out in RQ form? It should be fairly easy to convert it back to HeroQuest, after all. In fact, now that we have RQ and BRP (RQ-Modern), perhaps we could have RQH (RuneQuest for Heroes) instead of HQ2.

I would rather like to have BOTH, so everyone can eventually choose what game to play. [and no, Legendary Heroes is not RQH - with no criticism whatsoever against my fellow Bry ]

As for the Western material, the first two books _are_ ready and waiting editing/illlustrations, I have actually seen excerpts of them. The other planned books - ahem - curtain needed. But this stuff cannot be published for RQ or BRP because it is Glorantha and it is Third Age, so it is not licensed/licensable to anyone except MD.            

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