Re: Racism

From: jeffrichard68 <richaje_at_lvc7MQ_gr9jwpuTcJWZf1zuMF4vQ5HY4Z9DPaS_Z4VOERmMe93SjkX1O-3w8_QJZvJGc>
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 2009 07:01:30 -0000

> You should hate Storm worshippers because they are violent maniacs who
> do not bathe.

Who says the folk of Dragon Pass don't bathe? I hear it is those filthy atheists in the West who never bathe. Them, and those Animal Nomads. And you can smell the Lodrilli spearmen before you can see them.

But the worst has to be the Loskalmi. I hear they haven't had a bathe since the Ban.


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