Re: Rule One issue 5 now available

From: Roderick Robertson <rjremr_at_-3cszJ00mAZKu8SsRCztgVpUPyRM0hhLjfO5UjTkDbCbKKehZlNIw31fQjLdABz-htViS>
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 16:40:36 -0000

> > For those of you that can read, anyway. There are some pretty pictures, for
> > those that can't.
> Cool. Looking forward to Steve's next article. HAI GUSY! CAT DURID IS 4 FITE!

Hey, dude, I seem to remember *you* promising me some stuff.

Online gaming ain't *my* thing, but hey, at least he delivered!


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