[WorldofGlorantha] Re: Hrestol's Saga / Book of Kings - Recent Resource Book List

From: julianlord <julian.lord_at_H7BhbnaSFhDkStgIKmjMsPFA8eGsXMtZUXNDUE54rOVVHX2-Tyn81wQb50qjTO3E>
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2010 10:44:08 -0000

erm, *most* of those one-off this-convention-only special limited editions (sometimes *very* limited) are not actually of major interest, as Jeff is suggesting.

There *are* the odd exceptions, but in those cases the contents will typically get revised at a later date, and then published in different format(s) later (even if it's still just Stafford Library), and with much better quality. :)

Julian Lord            

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