bug or feature?

From: Martin Crim <MCrim_at_...>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 19:01:51 -0500


        I was attacking a clan my clan is feuding with, and the battle report gave the enemy 1 weaponthane to my 15 and almost exactly half the footmen I had.  My clan was a war clan with about 3 points of magic in war (IIRC: could be 4). I attacked and suffered an embarrassing loss.

        I could understand if the enemies had retreated into their fortifications, but that wasn't the message (and the inability to learn your enemy's fortification level, except indirectly, is a lack in the game). I got diddly from the attack and it counted as a loss on the "scorecard." If they retreated, surely I would have plundered the steads outside the fortifications.

        In general, the numbers on both sides seem to matter very little to the outcome. I've seen smaller forces win against larger several times.

        Can I expect my forces to be equally impressive on occasion?


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