bug report

From: Martin Crim <MCrim_at_...>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 10:46:18 -0500

As I was preparing to run the "Making of the Storm Tribe" heroquest, one fo the ring members warned that I didn't have representatives of 7 different gods on the ring. This, however, was not true, unless Barntar doesn't count as a separate cult. I went ahead with the ritual, having sacrificed for Quests in sacred time, with the Understanding Wind blessing in effect, and a very skilled clan chief as the ritual leader. I failed to free the Knowing God, even though I did the same action as what had previously worked (and I know all the details of the ritual). I then dropped out of the god place, which may have been a mistake, but I was annoyed and afraid that my chief would get offed. Now I wish I had done another option, as the game (as far as I can see) is lost anyhow, since I promised to form a tribe within a year.

        But that incorrect warning is bugging me. It's not bad enough that I never get a Eurmali, and that I only have 19 leaders to choose from, but if a game error kept me from succeeding in the MotST HQ, grrr.


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