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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 11:53:30 -0500

Davison Nick wrote:
> From: "Davison Nick" <N.A.P.Davison_at_...>
> (which was also the name of an Oscar nominated Finnish? film)
> > While on the subject of leaders (just to drag this on a bit longer :), is
> > there a way to stop your leaders from going missing while exploring? I have
> > a temple to Vinga with Pathfinder, I send large escorts (5 thanes, 15-20
> > footmen), but still they disappear (slightly less often after I started
> > telling them to move slowly).
> You were lucky (:
> I've lost 10 weaponthanes and 10 footmen before now. (Yes. I had
> Pathfinder in operation)
> Nick

It also depends on a few other factors -- such as how much terrain you are exploring. How much of it is blank. And what season it is. Exploring in Storm's dangerous. I don't loose expeditions that often, myself but I take a 'stepping out' approach to areas.

Also, exporing around 'names' can generate attitional encounters. I'm tryin to get my hands on those weird an wonderful items that are listed in on the various web pages. I'm told one has to multiply expore a piece of map?

But I play on Hard and I only have a 20% causalty rate with my expeditions.


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