RE: overcrowded and malnourished cows; unable to build shr ine

From: Nils Brobakk <nils_at_...>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 18:23:09 -0000

Martin Crim asked:
> 1. On the tula screen, oftentimes if I pass the mouse over
> the cows the
> line at the bottom reads "these n cows are overcrowded and
> malnourished."
> Yet on the agriculture screen, the ring members say we have
> more pasturage
> than we need. What gives?

I think what the advisors tell you is the absolute minimum your herd needs to survive. To thrive, they need more (I seem to remember someone saying 1.5-2 times as much as the advisors suggest...)

This reminds me of another thing that bothers me. If I build a shrine to Barntar and get the Plowsong blessing, the advisors will correctly tell me how many oxen I need with the effect of the blessing. However, if I get Vigor, they'll still claim I need as many workers as without the blessing. (And then I get lots of warning like 'We need to recruit more people' etc...) Seems like a bug to me... David?

> 2. Having sacrificed for Humakt's blessings and having a
> Humakti on the
> ring, I was nonetheless unable to build a Humakt shrine. I
> thought perhaps
> that it was too cold, being dark season, for construction.
> But the same
> held true in Storm Season. The button stubbornly remained unlit, and
> provided no explanation. Usually if you can't build/expand a
> temple, the
> message will be "you don't have enough worshipers

I've found that if you have a shrine already, it'll tell you that you don't have enough worshippers to expand, while if you don't have a shrine, the button is just disabled. I suspect you have as many temples as you can support - make friends with your neighbors/get more trading partners/form a tribe, and you should be able to keep building...


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