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From: Jon Thorvaldson <yinkin_at_...>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 12:32:36 +0100

Apologies beforehand for the off-topic contents.

>From: bjm10_at_...

>It's not GURPS: Glorantha that I'm working on, since I intend to use the
>RQ stats (with some modification to POW--the most broken of the RQ
>stats), percentile skill rolls, and building skills up from default with
>the RQ-style category modifiers. However, a lot of other elements from
>GURPS (combat

I do hope that you won't use the GURPS defense rules right away. That is one of the (few) things that I consider seriously broken with GURPS, that you care unable to defend yourself to a proper degree. I mean, if you're really good, say sword 16, armed with leather armor (PD2) then you have 0 or less on 3d6 to parry, thats less than 50%. Well, at least it buggered me... :-)

> adapted for percentile use, magic adapted from GURPS
>rules--NOT the vanilla "GURPS Magic" system though,

Which magic system is it that your thinking of using? There are some!

(Perhaps this siscussion should go off the list...)

Jon Thorvaldson

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