Re: A proto-faq

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 09:32:25 -0500

Joe Casadonte wrote:
> From: Joe Casadonte <joc_at_...>
> At 11:42 AM 2/15/00 , you wrote:
> >With a Great Temple to Issaries, maximum number of trading parters, and
> >maximum number of crafters, I can bring in 300-350 cows worth of good per
> >year, maybe more. I can *afford* to buy the 150 sheep I need for sacrifices
> >every year.
> How does one buy sheep? I thought sheep were one of the things that your
> traders would replenish behind the scenes, but I trade like crazy and I
> keep dropping 75-125 sheep every year. Thanks!
> Regards,
> joe
> joc_at_...

He's referring to what happens when you are out of sheep.

Your clan trader automatically buys all the sheep you will need for that year at a fairly bad price.


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