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From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 10:34:28 -0500

Martin Crim wrote:
> From: Martin Crim <mcrim_at_...>
> At 09:57 AM 02/29/2000 -0500, you wrote:
> >Lending a treasure is a great boon -- besides I usually have 2-3 sets of
> >Tigereye necklaces kicking around after a few years of play.
> I have one, but it seems to be hindering rather than helping me find
> things. In maybe 10-12 searches since getting it, I've found one treasure.
> This *with* of course Tracking and Pathfinder and an Issaries leader. Grrr.

I find it DOES help. But it depends on where you are looking. After you find the first half dozen things on your own tula, things get SLOOOOW. Annoyingly so.

But at least we haven't been attacked by flying bald chicks.  

> Oh, while I'm on the subject of exploring, I have a couple other stories.
> While exploring Kero Finn, my explorers took part in a battle and learned
> their next exploration outside the tula would be unusually successful. So
> I went to Beast Valley and did not get eaten. *That's* unusually
> successful? Maybe so. Meanwhile I'm exploring my tula once or twice a

WOW! I've never gotten out of there without pulling back a stump. That IS successful! Though, once, I think they gave me a treasure after beating us up.

> year and finding nothing. Doesn't matter who searches, how many, or when.
> Absolute squat. Yet my ancestors have said twice that there are more
> treasures to be found. I've decided they'r wrong. Should I still explore
> to keep down bandits, and if so how often do I need to do that?
> --Martin

From what's been said, exploring new territory keeps down bandits at least until you've explored the bulk of the map at least. After that, exploring your own tula once a year suffices.

The problem with exploring your tula is that it is the law of diminishing returns. A thought I found profitable was to repeatedly explore a single location OUTSIDE my tula. The Quivini Mts seemed good. Founds lots of additional stuff. Ditto with exploring the Dwarf Mine area, tho it was a bit more dangerous.

Jeff "Still no cool moniker yet" Kyer

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