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Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2000 10:14:46 -0500

Aaron Laub wrote:
> From: Aaron Laub <alaub_at_...>
> Martin Crim wrote:
> >
> > >>I get the distinct impression this windlord I'm facing is an outsider who
> > >>has come to fight for my enemies. ***
> > >That wasn't our intent -- the idea is that before this battle, the
> > >other clan has done special preparations to help pump up one of their
> > >guys. And/or it's just his day. Or for once he's not exploring or on
> > >a mission to extort tribute from another clan.
> >
> > OK. I misunderstood.
> >
> > Isn't it cool how KoDP is a major avenue for understanding Glorantha?
> >
> > --Martin
> Not trying to add contention, but Stafford seems to be very mutable about
> Glorantha. In KODP what you are dealing with is what David Dunham is presenting
> in the game. The game mainly operates from an Orlanthi view point of view. I
> enjoy the game and David's views and contributions to the mythos, but it really

It operates from a good understanding though it is set 250 years in the 'past' and things were more primitive then.

> doesn't provide a real understanding of Glorantha. KOPD has been an education

If you check the Background screen, there is a wealth of information there on Glorantha and the Orlanthi (yes, its from an Orlanthi POV but that's the focus of the game)

Remember, most of the players of the game will not have Glorantha Lore 115%.... Most, hopefully, will be new to the world. In that light, I think it provides a splendid intro and 'how to' of surviving and thriving in a very hostile world.

Remeber, Your Glorantha May Vary. Which is a good thing.

> for my gaming group as to how thing may work. David's Pendragon Pass has been a
> main stay in our Rune Quest at this point. We have enjoyed Pendragon (I've
> played for years). Now that we have been playing KOPD we have been trying to
> merge KOPD with Pendragon Pass into a RPG enviroment. We are trying to use
> Pendragon Pass rules, but believe Hero Wars will be a better system (love to
> have it). Sorry, I guess this doesn't have too much to do with this mailing
> list, but if you could direct me to the appropiate forum I would appreciate it.

The appropriate forum would be either the HeroWars on (Glorantha material) or for more rulesy discussions. Or at least, that's where I'd go.  

> Thanks,
> Aaron
> P.S. The point of the post was that one of the best things about Glorantha is it
> incorporates differant viewpoints, and in KOPD you deal with one. I enjoy
> arguing diferent viewpoints with my friends about Glorantha.

I don't much enjoy the arguing part myself.


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