Re: possible solution to Aroka problems

From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 17:48:48 -0800 (PST)

What have you done in the previous year (=5 seasons)? Did you perform a cattle raid? Did you assign magic to war? Have you been generous (an Orlanthi trait)? Have you explored? Do you have an Orlanth shrine or temple? Do you know all of Orlanth's blessing, and if not did you sacrifice to him this year to learn another one? What cult is your clan leader from? Do you have any outside support?

I don't know if all of these things help, but I strongly suspect that the game checks for a lot of them. My rule of thumb before going on an Orlanth heroquest is to, in the preceeding year, perform at least one action from each screen (agriculture, relations, trade, combat, magic, exploration) on the theory that Orlanth is a diverse god. My relations is preferably gift giving, but asking for the return of a favor (like, for magic points) I still figure is better than not doing anything. From the combat screen I always choose cattle raid. For exploration, unless there is a strong reason to do otherwise, I send an expedition to Kero Finn, since it represent Orlanth's Mother and all. If I know all of Orlanth's blessing and can't build a bigger temple to him at the moment, I make sure to learn something, preferably from a light bringer, and at the least I sacrifice to Orlanth to activate a blessing for a year.

Maybe you did all this, I don't know. But I find honoring the deity whose quest you will be attempting, and acting like them, make a huge difference (i.e., build fortifications the year you are going to quest to Elmal, somehow add to your herds the year before questing to Uralda, and so on)

Finally, I haven't taken a dragon friendly clan far enough along yet to attempt this quest. I'll try this coming week.

--- Martin Crim <mcrim_at_...> wrote:
> Folks--
> Has anyone with a dragon-friendly clan been able to
> succeed with the Aroka
> heroquest? Maybe that's the problem--and the
> failures at the other quests
> are just coincidence.
> --Martin

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