Re: the Violence Option

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 09:03:28 -0500

Edward Bornstein wrote:
> From: Edward Bornstein <button_at_...>
> I tend to play a peaceful economic game. I've been wondering how viable an
> agressive military game is, it just seems that you lose as much from
> counterraids as you gain for raids. And you don't get enough crops to
> reliably get by. Are you supposed to get enough cows to slaughter them for
> the food value regularly?

One can exact tribute from the cowering neighbors, I am told. Often quite a lot of it. I Prefer to play a quieter game but with a WarClan who was always a War Clan, there's some benifits.

Just make sure you keep Maran Gor happy. She's a thirsty old lady.  

> And raids seem very chancy even if you have the advantage. Lots of time I
> manuver them into my trap or charge them while they sacrifice, have a
> substantial numerical advantage and blow their magic away. But they still
> rally and drive me from the field, and make off with my cows. Though in
> such cases they often take more casualties.... Praise to Maran Gor!

Make sure you have appropriate magic/treasures. There are soem very, very nasty combos. Kill Enemy (option) & Berserk (blessing) & Widebrew & Humakt's Sword treasures all combine very nasty. Its hard for the enemy to win if they are all dead.  

> I've found that when a noble has a choice in battle, it's important to look
> at his/her stats in deciding what to do. And remember that they call them
> 'insane' risks for a good reason.....

Yep. Insane risks tests them in ALL of them. But you know, they DO get expereince in the category tested, even if they fail.  

> Or is the idea not so much the plunder you get from raids as the tribute
> you extort based on you raiding rep?
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Tribute, I am told is quite the 'cash cow' as it were. But I think its hard to have a tribe that actually likes you if you do that.


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