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From: David Short <David.short_at_...>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 09:16:45 -0500

>> Folks--
>> My clan chief/tribal king is now 81 years old and
>> still no sign of
>> the
>> FHQ. Am I wasting my time, with no chance to win
>> the game? I have been
>> vacillating about training up a replacement for him,
>> but doubt I could get
>> someone up to Heroic in two categories and THEN get
>> him elected king when
>> Methusalah here shuffles off his mortal coil.
>> Tips, anyone?
>> --Martin
>On a more serious note, as I found out (and moaned
>about on here) having your king die at the wrong
>moment can be quite disastrous. Mind you, getting rid
>of your tribal king can be a problem--the game won't
>let you send him on missions, so the only chance is to
>take a suicide heroquest, and that can have other bad
>consequences. At 81 years old, he certainly can't
>have long left! I've never had a noble get past 72
>before :(

I belive David D. has written that if you are the king of your clan and the end game has started, then your king will not die.

Just an update on my no-save hard long game. I found I couldn't do it. I finally did the save and restore shuffle in order to do a hero-quest. I found I was failing 4 hero-quests for every one I succeeded. Besided waiting 3 years after a failure and learning the secrets and bringing helpers...What can I do to improve my chances at a heroquest? I hate to have a single decent(very good or above) warrior and have to try the Elmal or Humakt quests.

One of the things the games does do very well is simulate some of the problems of a council leading a group of people. You just can't do everything you want to do.

On another note what are the triggers for the Feathered Horse Queen?


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