RE: Infinite number of goods?!

From: Devore, Ernest L <edevore_at_...>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2000 11:14:36 -0500

I've gotten large amounts of goods like that from some clans I just KNEW were stickpicker level. Of course I usually can't pull off those titanic raids but once in a blue moon so I can't see it with consistency... but it does seem as if these worthless clans have large amounts of goods at their disposal.

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Subject: Re: Infinite number of goods?!

wexu_at_... wrote:
> One thing that really bugs me in KoDP is that computer clans seem to
> have infinite number of goods! I've realized that by raiding them and
> by taking captives, then ransomning them. I can easily get something
> like 200 goods two times a row, so do they really normally have
> somthing like 500 goods?!

I have never gotten 200 goods in all the six months I've been playing... I usually get 20-30 and some cattle. I'm not sure how you could get that number of goods.  

> I know that computer clans don't play with same "rules" as human
> player, but things like that ruins the fun of the game.
> I think this have to be corrected in the next patch.

I've never heard of this happening. Are you sure of your figures?

Jeff Kyer

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