Re: Pournelle names KoDP Game of the Month!

From: T. Kurt Bond <tkb_at_...>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 14:12:11 -0400 (EDT)

Captain Button, contemplating the horrible thought that King of Dragon Pass might not get its well-deserved mentino in Pyramid, writes:
> However one possible data point is that GURPS Religion didn't
> find anything from Runequest or Glorantha worthy of mentioning in
> its Bibliograpy of sources to look at.
> Just an old gripe of mine.

Off-hand I don't remember who the author of GURPS Religion is, but isn't it possible that they simply hadn't followed RQ or Glorantha? There are people out there who, while well read and generally knowledgeable about roleplaying, don't know anything about RQ or Glorantha.

Personally, I'm hoping King of Dragon Pass and Hero Wars change that. :)

Certainly, if you'd like to see more Glorantha coverage in Pyramid, there is only one solution: more Glorantha articles need submitted to Pyramid. :(

So, is anybody writing a review to submit to Pyramid? That's probably the best way to get it mentioned.

I'll note in passing that King of Dragon Pass was mentioned in the Pyramid poll for this week... as an example of a game that might get overlooked by the mainstream media. :(

T. Kurt Bond, tkb_at_...

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