Rant, Question

From: Niki Karras <NKarras_at_...>
Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 19:29:59 -0400

  1. Rant about Kallyr After waiting for the girl for over a century, she seems hell-bent on killing herself! I have to save every season, in case Kallyr kills herself! Why can't she understand that she's so important to my clan that we *can't* let her go.
  2. Eurmali Quest While my clan was starving (It was because of a raid, I swear!) my Eurmali, Enent, mentioned something along the lines of "This wouldn't have happened if you had supported my quest 'Eurmal Plants a Carrot.'" A. Will there ever be such a quest? B. Aren't root vegetables considered 'un-cool/bad' among Heortlanders? C. Why are they so snotty about food problem?! It's not like it's my fault or anything! :-D

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