Re: endgame [spoiler/request for info]

From: Bruce Hollebone <hollebon_at_...>
Date: Thu, 4 May 2000 09:33:18 -0400

> So, I FINALLY succeeded on a long game...


> ...This suggests that the endgame is frought with risks.

It is really, and I suspect it is strongly linked to how you've behaved in the game. Are you a dwarf-friend? Have you left the DN's alone? Have you abused/refused the MG folk? A wrong choice in the endgame is FINAL. You don't get another chance. Your candidate usually dies. I lost a few (on the brass man and the dragon) before I figured it out.

Ok, the rest of you can start reading again now.

Kind Regards,
Bruce Hollebone: hollebon (at)

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