Re: all in one year (Or, Ernalda Hates Me, This I Know)

From: Matthew Thale <mattt_at_...>
Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 21:59:53 -0700

I have some questions and comments about you misfortunes.

>-a continuing drought could not be broken by sacrificing to Heler OR the
>O&A quest; dozens or hundreds of cows died

You successfully completed the O&A quest and it didn't help, or you attempted to do the quest and failed? If it is the first, then I'd be really annoyed with the designers of the game, if it is the second, I'd be looking to hire some better Orlanthi god talkers.

>-I had to promise favors to two clans for crossing their tulas, even though
>there was no reason to cross their tulas

Is it possible to get lost when going on a raid and inadvertently cross someone else's tula? Or perhaps the raiders are taking the long way to the enemy tula in an attempt to avoid patrols. Or perhaps it is a bug...

All in all, you have my sympathy, and I hope that I do not encounter the same string of bad luck.

And remember, it could be worse. David and company could have included the Crimson Bat random encounter...

"Crimson Bat arrives and devours the entire clan."

Good Luck,
-Matt Thale

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