Re: THane Hireing

From: Martin Crim <mcrim_at_...>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 08:56:20 -0400

At 12:19 PM 05/11/2000 -0000, Wulf Corbett wrote:
>> How do you hire Thanes?
>Go to the Clan screen, and click on 'Weaponthanes'. A menu will pop
>up allowing you to choose the number and source of your hired
>thugs ... erm ... loyal warriors. The maximum is severely limited,
>probably by a number of things, but notably by the number of suitable
>horses you have. I say 'suitable' horses, as I have never had as many
>Weaponthanes as I have horses to trade, but I am frequently told I
>need more horses before I can hire more Weaponthanes!

I've never had that message, even when I was down below 50 horses. Is it a pop-up, a ringleader advice line, or what?

Also, what effect (if any) does hiring outside your clan have, or offering an additional 1 cow of hiring bonus? I've never seen a better number on the slider, or had any other discernable effect from doing anything other than hiring from suitable carls.


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