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From: Guy Hoyle <ghoyle1_at_...>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 00:15:39 -0500

I'm having this trouble, too; I tried and failed to form a tribe early on, and now that all my feuds are resolved, I don't even get the option to seek Orlanth's blessing for tribe-making on the "Making of the Storm Tribe" quest. Since I failed to make the tribe before, can I ever try again?


On 6/9/00 at 6:55 AM David Dunham wrote:

>Urox wrote
>> When the Prophet Einarth Milk-
>> eyes came to my tula saying that we should form a tribe, I gave him
>> gifts and ignored his prophecy...This was the year 1340... Hehe...
>> Now i am on the year 1358 and i still don't have a tribe! Sweeeeet! I
>> wonder how long can i play until the game ends... If it ends...:D
>> I've beginning to wonder, is there a second change to form a tribe? I
>> don't mind it at all! I like living in the Dragon Pass!
>There may be a bug related to this. You should still have the option
>of tribe-making when you end a feud.
>As you may know, KoDP is up for an Origins Award. Nominations are
>made by the industry, but voted on by players. I'm told:
>> Balloting for the 1999 Origins Awards is now online at
>> <>. Further information, including an
>> of how best to create links to the Origins Awards online balloting, are
>> available at that URL.
>> You don't have to vote in all categories. Just vote for the ones you are
>> familiar with.
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