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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 09:24:45 -0500

Your comment about the 'death spiral' amused me.

KODP is one of those games where you can lose and not know you've lost for another 48 hours of gametime. It's like chaos theory. At the first cycle, you start encountering problems. They compound until they reach the point where you can't keep up. Then the decay rapidly picks up speed until you're presented with a lost game screen.

Been there. :)

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However, here are some ideas that may help: - Although the loss of magic is annoying, it is no disaster to have a chief that is not a devotee of your main god(dess), so reorganizing to put your highest leadership personality on the ring may help. - If you are being raided so much, I wonder if you have multiple feuds going? The Challana Arroy "peace bomb" (heroquest to improve relations with your neigbors) can improve that situation quickly. If you have a Challana Arroy initiate on the ring, assign magic to healing and don't assign magic to war, then make sacrifices to the goddess, then do the quest, your odds of success should be decent.
- If you are being raided a lot and having trouble with food, make sure to have Maran Gor's Earthblood blessing running!
- Although it can be harder to complete, Elmal's heroquest to gain Elmal's aid when you are attacked could be spectacularly helpful for you. Not only does it make your defenders much tougher, as a generic benefit it brings you horses if your herds are too low.
- Finally, don't forget that your war magic becomes ineffective if you don't go on raids once in a while (not cattle raids, real raids). If your forces are weak, you can still raid, just choose survive and evade as your options.

Or, as Jeff said, sometimes it is best to start over. If that is your choice, might as well go out with a bang. Try constantly raiding the ducks, then ignore the warning from the beastfolk. The result is impressive :)


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