Re: starting influences, leaders in general

From: philip.hibbs_at_...
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 14:26:45 +0100

>Aside from the choice of earliest event, do any of
>the other choices you make about your clan have an
>effect on your mix of starting leaders?

On a related note, I'm having a bit of a leadership crisis at the moment - I don't have seven different cults to pick from. I have no LM, Uralda, CA, Odayla, Urox, Humakti, or Eurmali. I did have a CA and an Eurmali, but they started the game at age 58 and are now pushing up the barley.

I started a new game the other day to see if it would work on my new laptop, and I started out with two Humakti, both of whom were inferior in combat to my trickster! How embarrassing!

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