Re: Sigh. Troubles galore.

From: Barry Brenesal <jaspire_at_...>
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 15:58:36 -0000

> In my first serious attempt my clan asked to
> join the Colymar in our second year in Dragon
> pass. To our shock they accepted us. Eventually we
> stabalized our place in the pass and did all the
> heroquests and became king of our tribe. 150 years
> later with no hint of the end game I gave up.
> In my second serious attempt, we built a tribe
> and just as we finished our last heroquest the
> tribe dissolved. Faced with a choice we decided
> to join another tribe. I spent another several
> years at this game and never saw the screen
> describing the need for a new king. Looking
> at the Tribe screen it tells me the tribe has
> no current king.

I think you have to create your own tribe. Joining one doesn't trigger the king scenario.

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