Re: size of Tribal Ring?

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 15:05:10 -0700

> > Then I was re-reading King of Sartar, and somewhere in
> > there it suggests that the tribal ring is of 13
> > members (with the "unlucky" 13th member always being a
> > token trickster).
> There was an article way back when in _Wyrms Footprints_
> (or was it _Wyrms Footnotes_? I can never keep those two straight)
> "Sartar High Council".

Both, actually - It was originally in WF 7, and reprinted in Fooprints

> There were definitely more than 7 members. IIRC they had
> members corresponding to the 7 Lightbringers and 6-7 more,
> including various other gods and goddesses. I'm sure there was
> an Earth priestess there, and a representative of the Ducks.

12 members - positions alternate between Lightbringer's Circle and Orlanth Circle:

  1. North Wind (Humakt)
  2. Orlanth Rex
  3. Mountain Wind (orlanth Adventurous)
  4. Issaries
  5. Beast Wind (Called Storm Bull)
  6. Lhankor Mhy
  7. Earth Wind (Ernalda)
  8. Chalana Arroy
  9. Fifth Wind (Father of Sylphs, we'd probably call it Kolat today)
  10. Eurmal
  11. Storm Wind (Orlanth Thunderous)
  12. Flesh Man the thirteenth position is Ginna Jar, but has no seat.

The Duck representitive was Joseph Greenface, "A shaman of great powers" in the Fifth Wind seat.

There are other types of rings, and they will probably see print in Thunder Rebels or Storm Tribe. (There are at least three kinds mentioned in KoS, frex)


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