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> Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2001 16:20:35 -0000
> From: "Ian Cooper" <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
> Subject: Heroquests in HW terms
> Has anyone tried writing up the standard heroquests from KoDP in HW
> terms?

Yes, I have.

Each of the screen shots is a station (or often more)... but the opposition is more symbolic (as you probably know better than I) -- where Ernalda Feeds the Tribe meets Elves, I might have soemthing Earth Ally related. But for the big, ugly 'you talk to god' stuff, you talk to the god. And the difficulties can be astronomical -- though usualy they are _inclined_ to help you so I don't impose the huge ability levels they have -- at least, not in full. See HW for the power levels of deities when they are pulling out the stops: 10w6 for an aspect of a god. An example of such divine mercy is seen in Hervalds Helm where LM doesn't use the full potential of his lawspeaking (some monsterous 10w8 or something). He only wishes to test the hero, not destroy him.).

Most heroquests done by PC's are smaller affairs. Preparing for a Heroquest in Sacred Time and getting all the tribal woshippers is probably a big ticket affair -- but it would generate a LOT of +'s to getting into that hard to reach god-plane & boost appropriate skills for the duration of the quest.

Orlath vs Aroka actually contains a LOT of encounters -- again, padding out the stations. But the


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