Re: Digest Number 235

From: David Short <David.short_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 12:55:40 -0500

responding to several different posts....

>None are easy -- there is always the chance of failure. I believe
>Elmal and Uralda are the hardest.

I've always had trouble with the Humakt quest as well, but then Humakti are rare in my tribes. In one of my first games I had a humakti leader that took every risk that came his way. He died at the age of 75 in his bed! I love this game.

>>I generally send 20+ warriors and 1
>>weaponthane, and they're just fine. 
>I don't have much trouble with bandits either, using 6 thanes and 5
>warriors. I prefer emphasizing thanes because that way you can
>recruit even more while they're out exploring. This is a great way to
>beef up your army.

20+ warriors! wow! I usually send out a very expendable noble and 3 farmers. If they succeed great, if not I've got plenty to burn.

>> > > >cottar), not a weaponthane or noble. I don't
>> mind the Raven Banner
>This can be worthwile when you have an
>elder on the ring that you were thinking of replacing
>soon (OK, highly cynical, but worthwile all the same).

Oooh. sort of a planned visit to cragspider. Had not thought of that. Do leaders ever refuse to bear the standard?


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