Those darned Koralings...

From: Erik Nolander <nollan_at_...>
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 22:44:40 +0100


Is there any way to "nullify" a "vow-to-leave-x-clan-in-peace"? IMG, I vowed not to raid the Koraling clan for a couple of years, but then my mind slipped and I raided them anyway... ;) Naturally, my warriors got unlucky and I lost some Magic as a result. But since then, they've raided me back, sent curses on me, I've raided them as well, and still I get punished for raiding them back. Heck, at one time they even tried to assassinate my clan ring, but the only thing which came out of that was that they stopped paying me tribute. I'm still getting bad luck every time I raid them. Most of the time this doesn't hurt me so much, but it's still annoying. (It's even more annoying when my clan ring insists that I should raid them...)

Anyone got any ideas?


Erik Nolander

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