Spreading the Word

From: jaspire_at_...
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 15:02:19 -0000

> My point is if I hadn't bumped into the game by chance, what were
the odds
> of me hearing about it? This is not knocking A-Sharp, just a
comment on the
> difficulties that small companies must face when marketting their
> Anyway, to get back on topic, I am really pleased that I did find
the game,
> and will be recommending it to my friends.

Mr. Tyson, I think you'll find this list very helpful as regards playing the game (not to mention that the fact you enjoy it indicates to everybody here what a discerning fellow you are).

You raise a good point, and one which the entire list should perhaps consider in a spinoff thread. KoDP has been around for some time, now, and this is (usually) the kiss-of-death when it comes to magazine reviews. Is there serious anyway that we, individually or as a group, can make a difference in terms of media coverage on the product?

For example, has anyone tried approaching some of the general CRPG websites to do a KoDP review? (Don't try turning this one around on me. I already did my review, and in fact, approached a second magazine, Access, about KoDP coverage. Too old a product, they said.)

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