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From: James C Hyde <j.hyde_at_...>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 05:21:15 -0700

just got the game recently have yet to finish an easy short game for one reason in particular.. starvation.
For some reason My food stock never goes up and the bad crop years catch up to me eventually be it 3 years or 20.

I Always put 2 magic into crops as my first two magic points, and always have a worshipper of barntar and a worshipper of Ernalda on the ring.

For shrines, as soon as is possible I get a shrine to barntar going with vigor and get a temple going to Ernalda going for bless crops and preserve. For some reason I cannot make enough food to gain any ground on typical harvest years and the good years aren't that great. Invarably the crops will come out bad and that's taken from the stockpile I started with. if I wait long enough that stock goes away and it's killing pigs and cows for food.

I always play a balanced tribe and hover around 23 thanes after the first year keep about 850 cows and try adding to the carls few years to boost farming and make up for the thanes that were killed...

what am I missing here? should I be killing pigs as a yearly occurance in order to save grain even though the manual makes me think I should only do it when people are about to starve? Is getting more carls a bad thing? I'm not going whole hog with the shrines (pun intended) and I've tried a crop friendly setup diety wise but nothing seems to change.

I know it's somthing obvious I'm missing here.


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