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Terra Incognita

> In King of Dragonpass,
> many ring members know Heortling Legends which haven't been mentioned by
> Fanzine Enclosure and David's Website.

Much of the Bad King Urgrain and Erarth the Tragic King material was printed in Enclosure 1

Bad King Urgrain is actually in Oskul's Saga. The Heortlings aren't going to compose a book about a loser!

> (Especially I want to know about Legendary Kings, I always like to know how
> Urgrain made mistake and how Erraath became unhappy, even after I played
> long KODP several times.)

When *didn't* Bad King Urgrain make mistakes?

Erarth isn't unhappy, he's tragic -- his story comes to a sad end.

I don't really have time to go through and find all the bits we wrote after Enclosure 1. But here's a quick sample:

Bad King Urgrain refused to listen to magicians, god-talkers, or spirit-talkers. Then the gods made him stone deaf. [7] When Bad King Urgrain was denied the secrets of a myth, he tried to beat it out of the thane who denied him. Then Bad King Urgrain forgot what little he knew about that myth to begin with. [0] Bad King Urgrain rarely granted favors. And when he did, he asked for payment five time over the original amount, enforced by his weaponthanes. [0]
When Bad King Urgrain granted favors, he asked for repayment at sword and spear tip. [0]
Bad King Urgrain rarely granted favors. And when he asked for one, he found every gate barred and every sword drawn against him. [0] Bad King Urgrain owed many favors. When thanes of other kingdoms came to collect these favors, he said, "I am doing you a favor by leaving your heads on your shoulders." [0]
After Oskul the Just slew Bad King Urgrain and took his throne, he gave gifts to all who had helped him. The Angry Clan spat upon his gifts, which led to war when there should have been peace. [1] When thanes arrived to gift Bad King Urgrain, he took their wares and their wagons and horses, too. He then enslaved the thanes. Their clan came and made war on him, laying waste to his fields. [3] After Bad King Urgrain lost many battles, he tried making peace by giving gifts. He gave musty cloth full of holes, flat beer, and rotten grain. And this caused the other clans to rise up and smash him. [1]
Bad King Urgrain offended good Orlanthi deities and befriended others who contributed to his clan's destruction. [1] Bad King Urgrain talked an ally into sacrificing to Malia. They eventually had to sacrifice everything they owned and were forced to disband. [1]
When Bad King Urgrain had to split up his clan, he sundered families and picked people at random. His people were so enraged that they all left him at once. [0]


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