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From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 14:15:49 -0700 (PDT)

> A male elf standing at 5'8 walks in. His green
> eyes glint in the light as he smiles. He brushs his
> long blond hair out of his eyes and unbuttons his
> black cloak. Over his left shoulder is a great war
> bow and over his right is a quiver full of arrows.
> On his hip is a mithril short sword and a pouch that
> seems to be full. He is plaid in mithril mail and a
> forest green tunic. He is wearing tan pants. He is
> also wearing dragon hide boots and gloves. His smile
> goes away as he quickly looks in his pouch and after
> a moment of searching he closes it and looks back up
> and smiles wearily, looking around the place
> expectantly.

Then he realizes that he doesn't have blonde hair, because in Glorantha, all elves are actually plants. He doesn't have hair. He has short green wisps.

He also realizes that he doesn't have any clothes on, because he's covered with leafy green stuff that keeps him healthy.

He realizes that his sword and armor are no longer made of mithril, because there's no such thing in Glorantha. He's not sure whether they are made of wood that has been enchanted to magical hardness or copper enchanted to look like wood. It is probably somewhere in between.

He discovers he's wearing a pouch full of silver rocks. Yuck. He dumps these on the ground, since they are the accused metal of the Red Moon witch that burnt down the Forest of Rist in the Moonburn.

The meat faces' scuttling after the silver reminds him of how alien a place any human settlement is to him. He can't hear the Song of the Forest, and is already lonely and directionless. Reacting against the presence of so many unnaturally straight lines, he closes his eyes and begins to tell the story of his dragon hide boots and gloves. It's a good story -- in Glorantha, the dragons ate an entire empire.

The humans in the room wonder, though, does this elf know where he is?

Chris Lemens

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