RE: New member

From: Adam Benedict Canning <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 15:41:06 +0100

> : A male elf standing at 5'8 walks in. His green eyes glint in the
> light as he smiles. He brushs his long blond hair out of
> his eyes and
> unbuttons his black cloak. Over his left shoulder is a
> great war bow
> and over his right is a quiver full of arrows. On his hip is a
> mithril short sword and a pouch that seems to be full. He
> is plaid in
> mithril mail and a forest green tunic. He is wearing tan
> pants. He is
> also wearing dragon hide boots and gloves. His smile goes
> away as he
> quickly looks in his pouch and after a moment of searching
> he closes
> it and looks back up and smiles wearily, looking around the place
> expectantly.

We kill him and carefully loot his body for being strange and foriegn, like the elves that helped make Gbaji.

He should of known better than to not use the appropriate greeting.

We give his boots and gloves to the dragonnewts and consult the ancestors about the rest of his gear.


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