Re: Digest Number 385

From: TERRA INCOGNITA <inarsus-ferilt-z_at_...>
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 22:49:30 +0900

Below is my humble opinion derived from "relatively" long experience of KODP....
> So, you make a tribe, and you get near the end where
> you have to select a king/queen.

If you play Short Game, yes, you do.

>Who is the best kind
> of person to nominate?

High Ability person if you play Long Game for the trial the king will meet, but about Short Game, I think you would like to choose young candidate for surviving without possibility of Death.

>Your chief or someone else?

Chief is the best option, sometimes. But you can choose another member of your ring. See above.

> And if someone else how do you decide that someone
> else?

I made humakti king, ernaldan queen, issaries king, but I still haven't tried Trickster king.

>How much do you spend on gifts,

I think gift is good for everyone except who provides it. Anyway, if you have enough popularity among tribe mate, you don't need particularly spend much silver or cattle for it, oppositely, don't spend much of your wealth just for making up king from your clan. Your friends watch you.

 and who do you
> choose to speak for the candidate?

Most Good ability for eloquence.

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