Re: Can computers tell gender?

From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 06:15:49 -0700 (PDT)

I saw an interesting gender mix up just earlier this week. I actually encountered an event that I'd never seen before. My clan chief died young of a mystery disease that had also carried off her father and grandfather, but she claimed that her death would end the curse. Anyway, in the text box, twice it accurately referred to "her" but once referred to "his" in the same piece of text! I guess there are various ways things can get confused.

As a side note, that was not a pleasant event to hit then for the first time! In my Elmali clan I'd had a strong clan chief who died of old age, and I had no reasonable Elmali replacements....but I had an Ernaldan with heroic leadership and good other abilities, who provided us with a strong decade of leadership, until she died due to age. Fortunately, although I still didn't have any likely Elmali leaders I had another Ernaldan, this one still in her 30's with heroic leadership. I was feeling pretty smug about the succesion of clan chiefs we'd had.....until she died young in this event. I'm afraid the chief's chair has been a bit unsettled since then. Just when you think you have everything worked out, this game throws you another twist!

Hmmm, while I'm writing the list, I'll mention another odd occurence in this game. Our tribe had gotten saddled with an awful king, and we barely kept the tribe from falling apart early in his rule (and we ended up with a feud with his clan). Finally he stepped down, with the clan mood at rock bottom. We managed to take the kingship (although our chosen king was only "very good" in leadership). The very next thing we did was launch into the "Making the Storm Tribe" heroquest, with the goal to improve tribal mood. Kallyr succeeded, as she generally does :). The very first thing that happens after the quest is finished, before we even take another action, is that the tribal thanes gather and demand that the king step down! They claimed that he had dishonored the clan ancestors or something like that. Worse, some of the clan ring agreed with them! We gave lavish presents and sweet talked them into giving him another chance, and over the years we gradually brought the clan mood up and there has been no repeat threats. I thought it odd thought that right after a king was nominated, and after our only act was blatantly for the tribal good, that there was an attempt to depose him. Definate lack of patience!


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