KoDP - 3 years tribute

From: KentCave <kentcave_at_...>
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 01:28:31 +0700

I just realized that I have been playing KoDP on and off since Nov 1999, and am in a clear state of mind as to say that I will still be booting up some KoDP quality gaming time for years to come. All these while I have been following the progress of Glorantha rpglist, HeroWars and KoDP onelist from the beginning till I evolved into a lurker.

Just wanna let the "gods" knows that the sacrifices has been sent over by kite, hereby hoping "you" will like the offerings. Me and my mates even thought up a scheme to promote KoDP by trading UO, EQ and CoCi accounts. Will have to enhance the proposal and post a more detailed version next time.

I'm not sure if we are allowed to post pictures to the Files/Photo folder, but I think some folks would be interested in how far we can extend the border influence of our tula.

It didn't cross my mind to save a graphic record of it at first, but then again I thought its quite a bit extreme to have a tula as big as 5000+ hide wide.

The shape of my clan's tula border is so weird, as it encompassed Upland Marsh (about 5 evicted clans stake out a meager living there now) and Marsh Duck (they were forced away from their tula, yet they still exist) area till the far side, almost reaching Prax territory. I utterly trashed those clans from Colymar tribe, that at first they hide as a bunch of sissies to the southeast corner of the map, and yet I showed them no mercy and keep charging them out of their lands till they become swamp-dellers. If not for lands granted to 2 breakaway clans and 1 refugee clan, my sphere of influence would have been grander.

Lord of The Two Towers I would have become, as region between Mount Quivin and Mount Kero Fin would all be mine and totally bordered white, if only I could attack those 12 tribe members and 8 allys.

I load up the save of my last month's almost ending game, grab few screenshots of it and would love to share it with folks that might be intrigued by them.

If that method won't work, I would appreciate it if someone could host the pictures somewhere and share the links. In jpeg format they are.. 2 of them it will be.. nice for framing surely.. worth admiring definetely.

1st one shows the whole map of KoDP with my clan's border in white (as great a region as if you drag a line from Dwarf Valley till Skyfall Lake and make a circle out of it, practically a quarter of the map) - 246kb

2nd one shows the clan's holdings, although in a greatly diminished form. We once have 300 magic, 8k cows, 10k food and goods, shared with 2k population guarded by 88 weaponthanes. - 138kb

A 60 years saga it was, the foundation being laid by our greatest Eurmali War-Leader that smooth the way for our Elmali Tribal King to take up the throne at age 19. Our Kingdom successes would have to be honored on our First King, as his super-heroic abilities makes Elmal and Humakt heroquesting, a brezee. Of course, Kallyr would have to take credit for blessing from Orlanth heroquests.

The savegame files are 98kb and 308kb, respectively. Not my best game I admit, but worth a studying.

Once a Kayodeepeeans.. always a Kayodeepeeans.

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