Re: Advice for a Balanced Clan

From: vrylakos <vrylakos_at_...> <vrylakos_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 21:02:42 -0000

> Yeah, that's one of my favorite portraits too. (So far as I know,
> she's not a real person -- at least she's not one of the
> team.)

Another favorite is the short-haired violent looking redhead woman - slightly mannish in appearance. She was our Insterid, who died on the Storm Tribe Heroquest.

> Bryan's tips looked real good.

They'll be put to use tonight!!! Last night was a Shadowfist ccg tournament, tonight: the tula!!!

Also, I plan on buying some KODP for gifts! Where's the best place to buy from? Can I get it direct from A-Sharp? (Oh... and is there any way to get replacement manuals? or a pdf or something?)
Here's hoping KODP2 comes out!



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