Re: Kalyr

From: kentcave <kentcave_at_...> <kentcave_at_...>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 01:00:52 -0000

Count yourself lucky, as I never ever got a request from Kallyr to take up on his Destiny Trip.

I tried so hard.. getting her early, delaying of making tribe (inability to build more temple and support trade routes forced me to start one), prolonging the game by refusing to put magic on destiny, purposely making a nuisance of myself so that I will get kicked off from my tribe thus enabling me to join another, making a hero out of her from doing beneficial heroquests (the Aroka one is a killer for Combat skill) and investing treasures on her etc etc

Hey, someone mentions he did successfully gets Kallyr back. Care just to reveal which treasure she brought back? Or anyone can share what treasure Sir Ethilrist will trade? (I cant seem to get him to my tula nowadays, although I invited him many many times already)

Obscure fact, that outlaw lady bringing in Kallyr to us "is" not her mother. She said "her mother", mentioning another lady-outlaw (probably dead) in the event.

What's up with that Lhankor Mhy "special baby"? The one prophesied, with a black mark on her head, that grows up to be "not" special. Any other further even coming out of it, once we decide to adopt her back? Anyone else done differently and got further result?

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