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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 00:52:46 -0000

Of course there us always another way
> > One good advice even for a balance clan is: make full raids

> > of winds very helpfull defending your tulla (and can not
> > The Death Rune of Humakt is a must have too.
> Why? I think I've only had the death rune once (I tend to have
> with the humakt quest so rarely do it more than once a game), and
> haven't had much trouble. Out of Orlanth and Aroka quest my
> treasure is the splendorbread, that helps our magic at harvest time,
> but then I'm a glutton for magic.

If you have trouble with the Humakt quest, perhaps your choices are not good (I made it usually between 3 and 10 times during a game) It's one of my favorite to boost leaders. The death rune prevents undead events if you sacrifice 20 Silvers to Humakt when askes by treasure. Automatic and easy. The splendor bead is nice too (as many treasures) and I usually quest for it, but the key word for the bag of Wings is SURVIVAL. It's a treasure that helps in battle and don't break (like the horse spawn horse). With a couple of other treasure (Eurmal Shield, Humakt Shield, Horse Spawn horse) and you can keep your treasures for really challanging battle. And another word about "Battle Luck" blessing, if you are using a treasure your leaders doesn't take risks (and no rewards too)

> > Never ever give something to your spliting tulla. Your problems
> > be worse.
> Hmmm, I don't know. I've both split my tula and not. Esthetically
> don't like how the game splits it, often leaving me with two
> unconnected pieces of land. Also on the long game, you want extra
> available for one part of the end game. However there are times
> splitting is OK, so long as the people you give it too are your

What I wanted to say is Split: yes Give land : No

> > Make big exploration with all your weapon thanes. Recruit during
> >
> > time 10 weapon thanes at a time. Keep 30 Weapon thanes. 10 at
> > patrol type. 10 for exploring.
> That is one rule of thumb. I generally have less weaponthanes, and
> far less than this when exploring (like 3 thanes and 8 carls), and
> usually OK.

The key word here is usually, I'm talking about exploring, not tourism. If you want to explore Snake Pipe Hollow 10 Weaponthanes is a good start. And even in your tulla it keep the Thieves at bay. The numbers are only suggestions but more weaponthanes tends to upset the carls. And these number helps not changing your patrols after exploring or trading.

> > Orlanth Rattle is a must have.
> Why?
> >

Because it helps having new leaders.

> > Feeding: Ernalda(bless crops...), Uralda(bless calf), Bantar (not
> > plowsong) are classic but also Orlanth (rain) Elmal (sun) Odayla
> > (sureshot useless)
> Sureshot is useless? Not if you do a lot of skirmishing! I don't
> how much is helps with food though.

What I want to say is that tracking and the other (don't remenber the name and I don't have my disk here) are more usefull. Tracking help finding things and a thing that is found is a problem less or a new treasure. And Rat Killing provide plenty of food because you waste far less food every year. Sureshot is fine but I never use skirmish tactic because if the other choose evade or skirmish it's a draw, and on a draw they will come back, I prefer Manoeuver (easy on your tulla, a blessing help, burning standart, horse help) very few casualities onyour side (in fact very often 0) and you can win what ever tactic the other choose (a good way for having horses)

> > And my Last advice: Your chief must be yong. Don't start game
with an
> >
> > 50 old chief.
> Why? You can always change chiefs!

Yer but if your tribal king dies the problem is to be reelected and you can loose the game. In fact, I try to have a young tribal King (like Kalyr depends when she shows up). Of course your chief and the tribal king don't have to be the same person but an Heroic Leadership and Heroic Custom is rare.

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