another night, another onslaught

From: vrylakos <vrylakos_at_...> <vrylakos_at_...>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 08:51:24 -0000

It's year '44. The Earthshakers are dead after some valiant battles. We STILL aren't producing enough food. Turns out I didn't have the sureshot blessing in a shrine. I made one to Challana Arroy, but it fell into disrepair the next year. Slaughtered a lot of pigs, pig herd down to about 400-500.

So, I'm thinking I need to figure out the food problem, and then look into Humakt? Not sure. Too many farmers sick, not enough food coming in. I've got Vigor running in my Ernalda shrine...

I know the Earthblood blessing but don't have enough resources to fund a shrine.

I put the Excellent warleader on the ring. He's wounded now, but our raids seemed to go better.

Sigh... I feel like we're treading water, not moving ahead. At least we seem to be out of the deathspiral.

Any food suggestions? Time for another HQ? I also need to explore... sigh.


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